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Science and Plants for Schools
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS) creates opportunities for teachers and students to find out more about plants and to become more interested in plant science.
We believe young people should understand the importance of plants in the world and be aware of the relevance of plant science to modern life. Plants not only create the atmosphere we need to breathe, but form the basis of the food we eat, the fuel we use to live and work, the clothes we wear, and many of the medicines we use.

We know that good teachers and technicians can bring plant science alive and we want to help them. We are doing this by working with curriculum developers, producing useful teaching resources, enabling teachers to share ideas through our website, and encouraging plant scientists to get involved in education and outreach.

Science and Plants for Schools has been core-funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation since it began in 1990 and our reputation has been built by the many talented and committed people who have been involved with our projects since then. We continue to encourage those with interest in our work to suggest projects and join us in partnerships. We work closely with other organisations in the biology community, we consult with teachers to make sure our work is what they need, and we talk to scientists to ensure we know what is going on in plant science today.

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