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Colin Forster

University of Gloucestershire
Senior Lecturer in Primary Science

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I am endlessly intrigued by questions about the purpose of this thing we call 'education'. Here are some examples of what I like to mull over:What's the point of teaching science in the primary school? Is it to help children remember random facts or to develop their ability to think? What is the point of homework in primary schools? Is it to enthuse children with interesting questions about scientific phenomena or to drive them to tears and make sure they have a good row with their parents? How do we help new teachers learn the craft of promoting meaningful learning? Do we give them some tips for teaching or engage them in a process of research-informed and evidence-based evaluation?
Recent Books: Teaching the primary curriculum (Forster and Eperjesi, 2020), Action research for new teachers (Forster and Eperjesi, 2017). Recent article: Questioning the role of questions (Forster et al, 2019).

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