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Lynne Bianchi

SEERIH, University of Manchester
Dr Lynne Bianchi is a specialist in curriculum development, innovation and research in primary science and engineering education. From being a primary school teacher in North Manchester she moved into Higher Educations where she held a range of leadership roles. She is now a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Director of the Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub at The University of Manchester. Her research areas include wonder-filled science education, engineering in primary schools (Tinkering-for-learning) and enhancing children’s ability to work scientifically with a focus on children’s question asking. She currently holds various roles including Primary Advisor to the Institute of Physics and the national Primary Curriculum Advisory Group, as well as being the founder and Director of the Great Science Share for Schools. Recent policy reports include The 10 Key Issues with Children’s Learning in Primary Science in England (March 2021).

Primary Science & Engineering Education.
Professional Development & Learning.
Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities.
Teacher Leadership.
Great Science Share for Schools