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Helen Spring

Spring Learning
Primary Science and Outdoor Learning Consultant
Yorkshire and The Humber

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I am a Primary Science and Outdoor Learning consultant based in Yorkshire; I set up my business, ‘Spring Learning’, five years ago. Prior to this, I was a Professional Development Leader at the National STEM Centre, a teacher / science subject leader, and an environmental education officer. I lead networks for primary science subject leaders in a number of locations, as well as primary science and outdoor learning CPD through STEM, SEERIH and PSQM, as well as through Spring Learning. I also run outdoor learning and science workshops for pupils at Howsham Mill and in schools. I am the Reviews Editor for the ASE’s Primary Science journal, as well as being a member of the ASE Primary Committee.  
I am an Associate Consultant for the Science & Engineering Education Research Innovation Hub (SEERIH) at the University of Manchester. As part of my role at SEERIH, I lead networks for Primary Science Subject Leader across Greater Manchester, covering topics such as progression, science capital and assessment of primary science. I am also involved in the Smarter Choices Project, which is all about KS2-KS3 transition and how that particularly impacts disadvantaged pupils.

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