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Science Issues
Retired Secondary Teacher /Teacher-Educator
I started teaching science in school on VSO in India after a metallurgy degree at Oxford. After a year in industry I made teaching my career, first in secondary schools in Birmingham and Leicestershire, then for 3 years in Nigeria. I was deeply inspired by Clive Sutton during a Master's in Education at Leicester University and was involved with some of the early challenges made to the science national curriculum by Ros Driver and colleagues.In1980 I moved to teacher education at what became the University of Gloucestershire at Cheltenham. I began by working with students from Africa on A level chemistry teaching. Later I became the science tutor for the GITEP post graduate secondary teacher education project and the book “Teaching Secondary Science” now in its 4th edition was the outcome. In 2007-8 I worked with primary teachers in a college of education in Pakistan, and more recently, retired and living in the South West of France, I helped to develop chemistry videos for Fuseschool. Science teaching sould be relevant - helping students to understand their world and take better care of it than at present.