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Sally Howard

Oxford Brookes University
I am currently researching how teachers in upper primary and lower secondary schools in England conceptuali

My current research is exploring how teachers in England conceptualize and enact science inquiry (enquiry). My PhD is focussing on the transition year groups between primary to secondary (in England)  to explore the opportunities for enhancing teacher practice and pupils' learning in inquiry based science (IBS). Previously I was a research associate with Kings College London, involved in the SAILS EU project regarding inquiry skills and assessment. This research project developed secondary science teachers' confidence in inquiry and assessment. I am an experienced primary and early years teacher as well as having been a senior lecturer (primary & EY initial teacher education) where I led the science modules. I have written chapters in a number of education books pertaining to assessment and learning, including in the current ASE Primary science handbook (and the previous  Primary ASE handbook). I have recently written chapters on creativity and inquiry, and assessment in the early years.